tirsdag 27. november 2007

Norway - Not quite the best

On Tuesday Norway was edged out, but the Nordic region continues to dominate the UN list of best places to live.

The Human Development Index (HDI), which ranks and classifies living standard based on variables such as income, expected lifespan, education, and other factors, now rates Iceland as the world's best place to live.

Norway is second, followed by Australia, Canada, Ireland and Sweden. Finland is 12th and Denmark 14th. The West African nations Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso and Guinea-Bissau are in the bottom places on the UN's HDI.

The rankings are based on 2005 statistics from the 175 member nations of the United Nations, plus Hong Kong and the autonomous Palestinian areas. Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and 14 other nations are not included due to a lack of data.

Most countries, notably Brazil, China and India, have had a significant improvement in living standard over the past 30 years, but some countries have seen a decline.

Sixteen nations had a lower living condition index than in 1990, and in Congo, Zambia and Zimbabwe the conditions are now worse than in 1975.

Photos: Top ten

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